ask-beleg said: Well met, Túrin! How do you fare, my friend?


…well met, Beleg.  I am well, for what I am.

…and you?

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Anonymous said: what was yours and nienor's favourite position

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Anonymous said: Glaurang is on Tumblr and is after your sister. I figured you would wish to have this knowledge.

I would wager that Glaurung has also been eating my message notifications.  There is not much he can do to us now and I do not fear him.

Anonymous said: There are some things you may wish to attend to if you have some time to return to the tumbler, good sir. Among them - your sister got totally trashed last night, or so it appears, after downing an anonymously gifted bottle of wine. It /was/ rather I amusing, and I feel it may happen again -shifty eyes- Also - it appears as if Morgoth has returned. There may be trouble on the horizon.

Nienor may “get totally trashed” if she wants to.  It is no business of mine.

Anonymous said: jaldfjalsdfj i think it's really hilarious that after a long absence you show up and your sister is here. after which you promptly disappear again. -sigh- turin, running from your problems doesn't make them go away. DID YOU NOT LEARN THIS AFTER ALL YOU'VE BEEN THROUGH?!

There are long absences between my posts because few ever speak to me.  There is rarely any point in my online presence.

Anonymous said: your sister appears to have finally made an appearance, son of hurin. what do you feel about this?

ask-nienor said: Im gelir ceni ad lín, Twice Beloved.

I— er— greetings, sister.

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This is the typical reaction of mortals when they read /your/ life story, mortal.

I do not believe anyone ever steps in my life story, Gnome.

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Because I don’t like One Direction. 


Because I don’t like One Direction. 

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